Report Abuse


Reporting Suspected Abuse

The Catholic Diocese of Salina is committed to protecting children and young people. All clergy, staff, educators, and volunteers are educated on how to prevent child sexual abuse, how to recognize sex offender behaviors, and how to create safe environments for children and young people in our parishes, schools and community.

Anyone working or volunteering in a Catholic parish or school, who knows or has reason to believe that a minor or vulnerable adult is or has been abused or neglected, please report to proper civil authorities/law enforcement as soon as possible.

The Diocese of Salina’s Victim Assistance Coordinator is available to help you or anyone who has been abused or victimized by someone representing the Catholic Church. We will listen to your needs and support you. We will help you make a formal complaint and arrange a personal meeting with the bishop or his delegate, if desired. We offer community resources, counseling for individual and families, and recognize the needs of parishes, schools, and other entities who may have been affected.

Victim Assistance Coordinator, Catholic Diocese of Salina 

Hotline: 866-752-8855 ext. 1067 



Mailing Address:

Safe Environment Office – Confidential
PO Box 980
Salina, KS 67402

Our Victim Assistance Coordinator will guide you through the process if you…

Listed below are a wide variety of mental health organizations for both individual and/or family counseling within the Catholic Diocese of Salina.

Catholic Charities

Salina(785) 825-0208

Hays(785) 625-2644

Manhattan(785) 323-0644

High Plains Mental Health 

Hays(785) 628-2871 

Colby(785) 462-6774 

Norton(785) 877-5141 

Osborne(785) 346-2184 

Phillipsburg(785) 543-5284 

Goodland(785) 899-5991 

Pawnee Mental Health 

Manhattan(785) 587-4300 

Clay Center(785) 632-2108 

Concordia(785) 243-8900 

Junction City(785) 762-5250

Beloit (785) 738-5363

Belleville(785) 527-2549

Veridian Mental Health

Salina – Main Campus(785)-452-6113 

Salina – East Campus(785)-452-4930