National Catholic Youth Convention is a three-day event every two years. Over 20,000 high school youths attend from across the United States. Listen to some of the best Catholic National Speakers at this event. There are keynotes, workshops, Mass, reconciliation, dance, and many other great things to participate in. The Catholic Diocese of Salina has had record numbers of youth attend in the past and look forward to making this pilgrimage with as many young people from our dioceses as possible!

New Information–March 13th

Now that we are into March, it is time to become more serious about NCYC in Indianapolis on November 16th – 18th, 2023.  We are so excited to have the number of young people attending NCYC 2023!

  1. Room Request Form due April 1st—(available below)–note on rooms: If you don’t have enough to fill and room and you are ok with sharing with another group to fill the room, please mark that on your form so we can do some combining and save your group some money.
  2. The first payment of $200 per person attending NCYC is due April 15th.
  3. The second payment of $200 per person and all forms are due July 1st.
  4. The final balance of $200 per person is due September 1st.
  5. Note: Make sure all adults’ Certification Date is up to date.  If not, please have them complete the training before June.  The results can take 10-14 days to get to the Diocesan Safety and Security office, and we want to have that taken care of well in advance.

Thanks so much for all you are doing for the young people of our diocese

We appreciate you!!!

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