Social Media

Social media is fundamentally changing how people communicate. Our Church cannot ignore it; in fact, it is our responsibility as Catholics to bring the Church’s teachings into what Pope Benedict XVI called the “digital continent”. Online social media communities are vast and are growing at a rapid pace. For example, there are now more active Facebook accounts than there are Catholics, worldwide. Given the size and scope of these communities, they offer excellent forums for the Church’s visibility and evangelization. The key question that faces each church organization that decides to engage in social media is how will we engage? Careful consideration should be made to determine the particular strengths of each form of social media (blogs, social networks, text messaging, etc.) and the needs of a ministry, parish, or organization. The strengths should match the needs.

Communication is a means of expressing the missionary vocation of the entire church. Today social networks are one way to experience this call to discover the beauty of faith, and the beauty of encountering Christ. In the area of communications too, we need a Church capable of bringing warmth and of stirring hearts.

Pope Francis – Message for the 48th World Communications Day [WCD], 2014.

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