The Tribunal is the judicial branch of the Salina Diocese.

Under the authority of the diocesan the Bishop, the Tribunal has the responsibility of hearing and deciding those legal matters which are assigned to it by the universal law of the Church (the Code of Canon Law) or legal matters assigned to it by the Bishop.

The Tribunal deals almost exclusively with cases involving the bond of marriage, whether they are valid or invalid (null) from the beginning. We start out with the presumption of the marriage being valid unless there is sufficient evidence to overturn that presumption of law.

Where to go to access more information

We invite you to click on the page entitled “Nullity cases” to learn more about what steps are needed to begin the process. If you are seeking more information for yourself or someone you know who has been divorced.

Another option is to contact your local parish or to contact one of the members of the Tribunal staff in order to receive what you need as you consider formulating a petition for a declaration of nullity.

Rev. Peter O’Donnell, J.C.L.
Judicial Vicar

Rev. Msgr. Barry E. Brinkman, J.C.L.

Mr. Corey Lyon, J.C.L.

Rev. Msgr. James E. Hake, J.C.L.
Defender of the Bond

Rev. Daniel L. Scheetz, J.C.L.
Promoter of Justice

Rev. Randall D. Weber, J.C.L.
Defender of the Bond

Karen Jurgensmeier
Tribunal Notary and Administrative Assistant

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