How you handle your finances is one of the greatest tests of character – and of your marriage relationship. If you and spouse are having trouble with your finances, you need to set a goal of working through this together and developing a biblical financial plan that will put you on solid ground:

First, begin to embrace God’s perspective of money by studying what the Bible says about money. You may be surprised to learn that there are more than 2,000 verses in the Bible about money. 

Second, commit together to put God, rather than money, at the center of your life.

Third, develop a team approach to handling your finances. At the most basic level, this means talking together regularly about your money. 

Couples need to develop a game plan together on three primary things:

  • Developing a monthly budget that includes a strategy for getting out of debt.
  • A strategy for saving and investing. 
  • A Plan for giving back to the Lord. 

So often, at the very heart of financial trouble for a couple is disagreement on how to use their finances. Once they begin to make decisions together and start wisely watching over how they spend, invest, and give, their financial struggles are soon resolved.