Totus Tuus

What is Totus Tuus?

Totus Tuus is a summer Catholic youth program dedicated to sharing the Gospel and promoting the Catholic Faith through evangelization, catechesis, Christian witness and Eucharistic worship. Our weeklong Parish Summer Catechetical Program assists parents and parishes in the evangelizing and catechizing of their youth by supplementing the work they are currently doing.

Our Mission

The mission of Totus Tuus is to inspire in young people a true longing for holiness, a deep desire for daily conversion and an openness to their vocation by the constant challenge to give themselves entirely to Christ through Mary and by continually strengthening their prayer lives in imitation of Her.

Our Motivation

Totus Tuus, a Latin phrase meaning “Totally Yours,” was the motto of Blessed John Paul II. Taken from St. Louis de Montfort’s True Devotion to Mary, it signifies our desire to give ourselves entirely to Jesus Christ through Mary.  It also expresses our effort to give our all to every young person we encounter. Through the teams’ example of joy and service, the youth see that these men and women are on fire with the Catholic Faith and long for the same thing in their lives.

Our Teachers

Totus Tuus calls upon college students and seminarians from across the United States to carry this mission to every young person they encounter. These young men and women are hired for their energy, enthusiasm, love of the Faith, commitment to spiritual growth, ability to work with a team and a desire to work with youth.

Totus Tuus Teachers Summer 2021

Jamie Kuhlman

Hello everyone! My name is Jamie Kuhlman! I am from Oakley, Kansas. I was always super involved in CYO, and have spent many hours as a cantor and lector at St. Joseph’s Parish. I have always loved taking part in Prayer and Action, NCYC, CYO Convention and especially Totus Tuus. I am super excited to help teach Totus Tuus this summer! I have always loved being outside whenever possible, I grew up on a farm and always loved riding in the tractor or combine. I also love to watch MANY movies and I am always willing to watch something new, no matter what genre it is. I have recently taken up the hobby of roller skating, but I am not the greatest in the world. I love to sing all the time, and most often it is country music. One of my favorite things to do is spending time with my friends, but more specifically, I love to have random dance parties and karaoke nights in the kitchen together. Another one of my favorite things to do is meet new people, so I am looking forward to teaching

Sam Stone

Hello! My name is Sam Stone. I’m really looking forward to teaching Totus Tuus this summer. I’m from Salina KS and graduated from Sacred Heart High School. I now attend the University of Kansas and will be transferring to Kansas State University this fall. I am a sophomore this year studying business management and then plan to head back to KU for law school. I have enjoyed the Totus Tuus program from grade school all the way through high school, and now I finally get to give back and teach it! Some interesting things about me are I’ve never watched an entire baseball game, I love playing the game of chess, and this might be a hot take, but I believe that Parks and Recreation is a better show than The Office. I can’t wait for this summer!

Torrie Gregg

My name is Torrie Gregg and I am currently a junior at FHSU studying business management. I serve on the leadership team for Catholic Disciples as the media coordinator and teach 7th grade religious education at St. Nicholas of Myra. I love to hammock, drive around with friends, and eat a lot of Mexican food! Back in 2019, I taught Totus Tuus for the Salina Diocese, and I am very excited to teach again!

Ethan Dlabal

I was excited to apply and now serve on the Totus Tuus team this year because I know the impact it can have on the youths’ lives and I want to be a part of that experience. As a high school participant, I learned more about how to express and appreciate my faith in everyday life. I also enjoyed building closer relationships with friends and hearing about leaders’ journeys in the faith. Now as a leader, I look forward to helping the youth in our diocese grow in their faith and helping them build faithful relationships to surround themselves with.

Laura Meyer

Hey Salina Diocese! My name is Laura Meyer, and I am so thrilled about being a Totus Tuus teacher this summer! I am from Concordia, Kansas, and I go to school at Benedictine College, where I am majoring in Elementary Education. I am PUMPED to meet all of you, and will be praying for a great summer for our Diocese and all of the programs we have built! Some of my favorite activities are playing sand volleyball, reading books, and spending time with family. I can’t wait to meet all of you and learn from you!

Jacob Schroeder

I applied to Totus Tuus because I felt called to share the love and teachings of Christ that has so generously been given to me and those around me. I’ve always enjoyed talking about my faith and when I heard about Totus Tuus, I knew it was the place for me. I am very grateful to have been accepted, and am looking forward to this summer!

Brooke Leiker

Hi everyone I’m Brooke Leiker, a student at Fort Hays State University! This summer I applied for a Totus Tuus teacher to help serve those of the diocese. I have a great passion for our church and what it means to be a living Catholic. When I was in middle and high school I had great youth ministers and leaders who shaped my faith into what it is today. I’m so excited to share the faith with each parish we encounter this summer, and spread the good news of Jesus Christ! I look forward to serving your diocese this summer for Totus Tuus 2021.

Matthew Hogan

Hello! My name is Matthew Hogan and I am going to be a sophomore at Ave Maria University next year! I was born and raised in Kansas and have always loved helping around the diocese and my local parish of Sacred Heart Cathedral. Since I was in high school I have taken a great interest in Catholic education and hope to make a career out of helping to improve it across the country! I think Totus Tuus is a great place to start! Experience teaching the faith will allow me to learn a great deal while hopefully at the same time give me the ability to pass on some of the beautiful intricacies of the Catholic faith to my students. It will also allow me to come to know our diocese better than ever before as I travel across it and visit the various parishes assigned to me and my team. I am so excited to be teaching this summer! God bless you all and I will see you soon!

Elizabeth Wright

Hello! I am Elizabeth Wright and I am super excited to be on the Totus Tuus team this summer! I am from a small farm in Olsburg, KS where we have goats and pigs. I am finishing my sophomore year at Kansas State University majoring in Agricultural Education. I was super involved with CYO in high school and now at K-State, I am involved with St. Isidore’s. Some fun facts about me are that I love sports, going on walks, and playing with the baby animals back at home! I am beyond excited to be able to share God’s word with so many around our diocese this summer!

James Probst

My name is James Probst, and I am in my third year of studying music education at KState. I wanted to serve as a member of Totus Tuus this summer because it is a great opportunity for kids to gain a deeper understanding of their faith and for us teachers to get to work with kids and take on that mentor/teacher role. I am excited to have an opportunity to give of my summer in service to the Lord, having fun with the kids and my fellow team members along the way! Being a part of a team and being part of something bigger than oneself is another important aspect of Totus Tuus for me. Ultimately, if one child is brought closer to God after this experience, we will have accomplished our mission!

Robyn Logan

Hello! My name is Robyn Logan. I am stoked to be teaching Totus Tuus this summer! I am originally from Salina, Kansas so the Salina Diocese is my home. I currently attend Kansas State University where I am a freshman studying elementary education. At the St. Isadore’s campus center in Manhattan, I am active on the confirmation retreat team and I play the guitar every Sunday at mass. I also teach 3rd grade CCD so I can’t wait to keep sharing the faith throughout the summer. Some fun facts about me are that I love any type of games: cards, board games, sports – literally anything . I also enjoy all kinds of artsy things like painting and drawing. Another fun fact is that the joyful mysteries are my favorite mysteries of the rosary, so I am beyond excited to learn more about them and teach this year’s students as well!

Michael Lager

My name is Michael Lager. I wanted to join Totus Tuus because of how much I enjoyed it as a child. Totus Tuus was one of my favorite weeks of the summer and I hope to make it one of the best weeks of the summer for others.

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