Marriage and Family Enrichment

Family Night Enrichment Opportunity-Families on Fire Book

If you are looking for something for Family Enrichment you need to look into this book. It is packed full of great family games and family night activities. The book is an 80-page book featuring 28 family night activities that you will love. Books can be purchased at the Salina Diocese Family Life office or by clicking on this link

Cultivating the fruits of the spirit in our children’s lives begins with cultivating the same in our own lives as parents.

Talking about our faith, experiencing the richness and challenges of life together, and developing a deep trusting and intimate relationship with God is the foundation for a strong, loving family, and a meaningful, engaged life experience. This book is a resource for each person in the family to allow the Holy Spirit to spark a fire inside that burns with love and joy. This resource is intended to fan that flame every week––to keep the fire burning wherever you find yourselves, at school, work, nature, in joy and/or in pain. Please find a special candle to light each family night.

Children spell love like this: T-I-M-E, so enjoying each other is important in this process. By making God an integral part of our daily lives, we plant seeds that grow into the fruit of His Spirit. And by hiding the Word in our hearts, we teach our children that Life, Love, and Power are right inside them at all times. Christ is in them, and they are in Christ. Enjoy the experience together.

An enduring marriage is more than simply endurance. It is a process of growth into an intimate friendship and a deepening peace. So we urge all couples:

  • renew your commitment daily
  • seek enrichment often
  • and ask for pastoral and professional help when needed.