Information Technology

Information Technology and Facilities Management

The Office of Information Technology and Facilities Management is responsible for the overall direction and management of all technology-related activities of the Diocese. These activities include administration of the Chancery computer network, application support, and training to all staff members, technical services with regard to the Diocesan Catholic School system’s PowerSchool servers, as well as provide consultation services to all parishes, schools, and organizations affiliated with the Diocese.

This office will also provide a review of all contracts with outside contractors to ensure that they comply with the Diocesan Contract Review Policy, in order to provide the proper legal protections to all parties involved. The office will also assist the parishes with resolving any safety related matters that they may need. Additionally, the office has a commercially licensed drone pilot who can conduct video inspections of roofs and steeples. 

The office’s guiding principles are to: 

  • Use proven information technologies in order to encourage broader participation in all aspects of the Church. 
  • Promote the sharing of resources throughout the Diocese. 
  • Provide technology resources that are informative and easy to use. 
  • Increase the technical efficiency of assigned clergy, allowing them more time for their pastoral ministry. 
  • Provide a quick resolution to all matters pertaining to the review of maintenance contracts. 
  • Assist the parishes in ensuring that their churches, rectories, and other buildings are safe for public use.