Bishop’s Annual Appeal – Call to Share

Held annually, the Bishop’s Annual – Call to Share is the primary way the Salina Diocese funds its mission and ministries. This year’s goal is $2 million. 

The mission of the Salina Diocese is to be disciples who go out and make disciples through witnessing by faith, hope and love. The Scripture quote associated with the 2022 appeal comes from Luke 6:38 “Give, and gifts will be given to you; a good measure, packed together, shaken down, and overflowing, will be poured into your lap.” 

The word “Catholic” literally means “universal.” Catholics are a universal faith and a universal people. 

And in being Catholic, the faithful are called to come outside of themselves to give and serve the other. 

The idea of giving is a concept rooted in the Trinity. God the Father is constantly begetting (giving) to God the Son. God the Son is constantly being begotten (receiving) from God the Father. And the act of perfect love between Father and Son is the spiration of the Holy Spirit. 

But it goes beyond that. God the Father gave his only Son for the salvation of mankind. God the Son gave his very life for the salvation of mankind.  

And as every person is made in the image and likeness of God, we too are called to give. And as we are Catholic, we are called to join in the universal mission of the Church and be disciples who make disciples. We are called to give outside of ourselves. 

The Bishop’s Annual Appeal – Call to Share is an invitation to give to something that is extends beyond your own home or parish. A gift to the diocese is universal in nature as it goes beyond your own community. 

But as Scripture tells us, “Give and gifts will be given to you.” 

A gift to the Salina Diocese is in turn used to serve the faithful of the diocese in the universal mission to be disciples who make disciples through giving witness by faith, hope and love. 

Use of gifts


Before they were clergy, they were ordinary men. Then one day, God called them to be more. He called these ordinary men to do extraordinary things. Your gift supports our clergy at each stage of their vocation, from cultivating the vocations of seminarians and deacon candidates, to supporting clergy and deacons in active ministry, to providing peace of mind to our retired priests.

  • Seminarians
  • Deacons
  • Active clergy
  • Clergy health and retirement

We find hope through Jesus. And we give hope by creating opportunities for people to encounter Jesus in an intimate way. The Diocese of Salina has various ministries that further Christ’s mission to be disciples who go out and make disciples. Your gift supports that mission and makes it possible for people to encounter Jesus.

  • Bishop and vicar general
  • Chancellor
  • Family life
  • Finance
  • Hispanic ministry
  • Human resources
  • Respect life
  • Rural life
  • Liturgy
  • Information technology and facilities management

To know is to love, and the Diocese of Salina strives to teach and educate the faithful of God’s love and mercy. The diocese teaches through communications and publication efforts, Catholic schools and religious education, youth programs, and provides further education for adults and clergy. Your gift supports empowering the minds of the faithful with the knowledge of who God is.

  • Adult/pastoral ministry formation
  • Youth ministry
  • Communications
  • Tribunal
  • Religious education and Catholic schools
  • Safe environment
  • Propagation of the faith
  • National collections

Make a gift, today

Did you know?

The mission of the Salina Diocese remains the same, and your gift continues to fund the same mission.

However, the Catholic Foundation for Diocese of Salina has absorbed the responsibilities of fundraising and gift processing. This is to ensure further protection of the donor’s gifts and assets. Everything remains the same, the only difference is that all checks must be made payable to:

Catholic Foundation for Diocese of Salina

P.O. Box 1696

Salina, KS 67402-1696

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