Friends in low places

Catholic Foundation for Diocese of Salina
Sep 7, 2022

“Well, I’ve got friends in low places…”

A famous line in a famous song that brought down the house on Thursday, August 11, at the Seminarian Dinner in Hays! It was sung by Kyle Pfeifer, one of our seminarians. Bishop Vincke mischievously asked each seminarian if they could sing, and then asked those who admitted they were decent singers to sing a few quick bars for the crowd.

Both of the dinners – Wednesday night in Salina and Thursday night in Hays – were great events that gave us the opportunity to get to know the wonderful group of young men who are on the journey to become priests.

They are:

Kade Megaffin – Hays

Jesse Ochs – Park

Brady Hutchison – Hays

Kyle Pfeifer – Manhattan

Holden Giefer – Manhattan

Max Megaffin – Hays

Michael Lager – Hays

Collin Thielen – Park

Steven Matthews – Junction City

Joseph Schones – Arkansas City

I do hope you get the chance to meet and know these men soon – and please pray for them to be successful in the coming year.

I spoke about this in both Hays and Salina, but I can’t help but feel that we are on to something in our diocese. There’s some momentum, a revival of sorts. I noted 4 things that make me believe this: 

  1. The fact that so many of our parishes and schools are either starting on, in the middle of, or just completing big renovation and renewal projects. We are laying the foundation for that next generation of Catholics – I just love this!
  2. I attended the annual auction and fundraiser for Catholic Charities just a few weeks ago on July 30, 2022. The energy in the room and the passion for the people that Catholic Charities cares for was just palpable, and the amount of money they raised for that mission was more than ever before. When we take care of the poor and vulnerable, we give them hope for the future.
  3. We have a match this year for seminarians of $105,000 – more than twice what we have been able to raise before! We had 6 families and 1 foundation supply this match, and I have to admit that I am floored by the enthusiasm and generosity of not only these families, but all of you who gave to support our seminarians. People are so generous in their support of these young men who could one day be our priests.
  4. And finally, that we have ten, count ‘em, TEN seminarians in the lineup this year, and I keep hearing that more men are interested and engaging in the process. There is no better way to ensure the future health of our diocese than continuing to develop men for the priesthood (Imagine how happy your kids or grandkids will be when Father Max (Megaffin) is baptizing their newborn, or Father Holden (Giefer) is marrying their sons and daughters!)

Anyway, I am feeling hopeful and so thankful to all of you for how much you do for our diocese. Let’s keep this momentum going and this spirit growing here in this corner of Kansas. Bless you all.