Sacred Heart Parish – Esbon

Founded 1877

The missionary priest, Father Louis Mollier, celebrated Mass in a settler’s home on July 1, 1876. By 1878, a rock church 23- by 33-feet, was built in the country, about 2 miles south of Esbon, and dedicated to St. Elizabeth. Initially, the parish included all of Jewell and Smith counties.

A larger frame church, about twice as large, was built in 1893, using the rock from the first church for the foundation. Parishioners provided the labor and constructed the altar and pews.

When a still larger church was needed, the bishop required that it be built in Esbon. The new church, named Sacred Heart, was dedicated in 1914, and the rectory was moved from the old site to the new one. Again, parishioners provided much of the labor, hauling rock, brick and lumber from the railroad station and sand from a nearby pit.

A new bell was installed in 1920.

In 1927, Father Michael Barrins, newly arrived from Ireland, was appointed to the parish, where he served until 1958.

Mass Times


6:00 pm (Oct - Mar)


8:00 am (Apr - Sep)

Confession Times

30 minutes before Mass

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