St. George Parish – Munden

Founded 1887

St. George’s Parish had its beginnings three miles south of present-day Munden at the community known as New Tabor. The Czech colony was established in 1870, and in 1874, the early-day missionary priest, Father Louis Mollier, visited every two months.

With the arrival of additional settlers, land was donated for a church and cemetery. The new church was dedicated in June 1887.

In 1893, St. George’s joined with St. Isidore’s Parish in Cuba and St. Josephat’s Parish in Tiago, a Polish settlement northwest of Belleville, to construct a rectory at Cuba for the priest serving the three communities.

A new church was built in 1910 for the growing parish.

By 1921, the Republic County parishes, joined now by St. Edward’s in Belleville, purchased a rectory in Belleville.

Electricity arrived in the area in 1940 through the Rural Electrification Administration, and electric lights replaced the kerosene lamps inside St. Edward’s Church.

After the Tiago parish was closed in 1944, the priest in Belleville was able to offer Mass every Sunday at St. George’s.

In 1950, parishioners agreed the church would serve the community better if it were located in town. Land was purchased and a basement was built, and the 70-ton church was transported five miles over a circuitous route to avoid narrow bridges. The basement was finished for a parish hall and kitchen.

In 1962, an addition to the church was built to provide classroom space.

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