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Letter from the Superintendent - July 25th

The Catholic schools of the Diocese of Salina have been serving the people of Northwestern Kansas for over 100 years. During that time, the dedicated pastors, teachers, and administrators of those schools have provided an excellent Catholic education to thousands of children, thus contributing to the communities of Kansas and the nation, the gift of people who have been educated in the Catholic faith.

These schools are an asset to the civic, business, and academic communities. Kansas Assessment scores and ACT scores are above average. Our schools strive to be on the cutting edge of technology, curriculum, and child development. Our dedicated administrators and teachers are in constant formation as educators.

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Catholic Schools

Schools represent a vital part of any society and are a major source by which the wisdom and culture of a people are passed to new generations. Catholic schools reflect the importance of integrating the Catholic faith with the educational process; therefore, the Church sponsors and supports schools as the major vehicle for pursuing its teaching ministry.

In order for the Church to carry out the goals of this ministry, the Catholic bishops of the United States have established principles which serve as the foundation from which Catholic education flows and which our schools are committed to pursue. They are:

  • Communicating the gospel message of Jesus.
  • Building and modeling a community of faith.
  • Orienting students to the obligation and experience of service.
  • Providing students with the opportunity for growth in prayer.

Though Catholic theology recognizes parents as being primarily responsible for the education of their children, achievement of these principles is shared by faculty members, the parish, and the Diocese.

The Catholic schools of the Diocese of Salina are committed to fostering an environment of support and coordination for Catholic schools, their principals, faculty and students.  It also seeks to maximize opportunities for quality education in a Catholic school setting.

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