Diocesan Finance Council

The Bishop presides over the Diocesan Finance Council (the “DFC”) and appoints its members. The DFC consists of at least three members of the Christian faithful truly expert in financial affairs and civil law. Members serve 5-year terms and may be reappointed for a second 5 years.  The DFC functions in accord with  its mandate in the Code of Canon Law (the “CCL”), canon 492, and the functions entrusted to it in Book V (CCL), The Temporal Goods of the Church.  The DFC provides counsel to the Bishop on various matters including budget preparation, examining interim period and year-end financial statements and reports, meets with the independent audit firm and reviews the annual audit and monitors investments through an investment committee. The DFC is also available for special consultative situations.

The Diocesan Finance Council consists of (T = Term I or II and term expiration):

  • Ron Gfeller, Russell                       (T-II, Dec. 2024)
  • Norman Kelly, Salina                     (T- II, Dec. 2024)
  • Mitzi Richards, Manhattan             (T-II, Dec. 2026)
  • Doug Stein, Salina                         (T-II, Dec. 2027)
  • Amy Stonebraker, CPA, Salina      (T-II, Dec. 2027)
  • Gary Weatherbee, Hays                (T- I, Dec. 2025)
  • Jordan Webb, Salina                     (T-II, Dec. 2026)
  • Bishop Gerald Vincke
  • Ernest Armstrong, CFO

Staff attendees:

  • Katie Platten, CEO, Catholic Foundation for Diocese of Salina
  • Tyler Greenman, Assistant CFO
  • Jennifer Hood, Controller

The Diocesan Investment Sub-Committee consists of:

  • Ron Gfeller
  • Doug Stein
  • Jordan Webb
  • Ernie Armstrong, CFO