Sacred Heart Jr-Sr High School – Salina

In 1908, four sisters of St. Joseph opened Sacred Heart High School. Classes were taught in the basement of a church, while waiting for the completion of a building. With chalk, the basement was divided into four areas, with each sister responsible for one class. There were two graduates in the first class of 1912. Sacred Heart moved to its present location in the fall of 1960.

Over the years, Sacred Heart has established a tradition of excellence in spiritual formation, academics, athletics, and activities. We are proud of preparing young people for leadership and service. Our graduates are found in leadership positions across the nation and world.

We as a school hold a rich tradition in offering a full curriculum with courses in art, business, computers, foreign language, industrial arts, language arts, math, music, physical education, religion, science, social studies and athletics.

Sacred Heart has a long tradition of providing excellent sports programs for the development of students. Over the years the school has amassed more than 40 state championships to go along with countless regional and conference titles.

Sacred Heart is working hard to continue into the twenty-first century. Recent upgrades in technology have given Sacred Heart the opportunity to work with the business community producing technically advanced products for public use.

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