St. John Catholic High School & Middle School – Beloit

Pioneer Catholic settlers in the Beloit area had a deep concern for the education of their children. In the fall of 1879 with 15 students, St. John’s Catholic School was founded in a small one room building. By 1900, enrollment reached 140 students thus creating a need for a larger more structured school building. Local farmers quarried and hauled stone and sand to the present site. A German craftsman supervised construction of the present building that was completed in 1914.

The high school started in 1920 and occupied the same building until the present high school was built in 1952.

The City of Beloit, the county seat of Mitchell County, is located in the Solomon River Valley in north central Kansas. It is in the heart of the Smoky Hills in the land of the Kansas Post Rock. Beloit is the gateway to beautiful Waconda Lake, also known as Glen Elder Reservoir. The area offers numerous opportunities for recreational and municipal services.

The stakeholders of St. John’s Catholic Schools expect a rigorous and balanced academic program for our students while instilling the Christian and Catholic values necessary for spiritual and religious formation. We want to teach our children about Jesus, the value of virtue and character, and the beauty of the church. In addition, St. John’s has very strong extracurricular programs that develop a well-rounded student. St. John’s students have a special opportunity to experience a devotion to a religious value-based education that will prepare them for their life.

Today, the parish and families still hold the same passion to educate and form their children and grandchildren in the Catholic faith while giving them a complete and competitive education.

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