St. Mary Parish – Glasco

Founded 1878

Beginning in 1870, missionary priests served the Irish immigrant families who settled in the area. The first church, 28- by 40-feet, was built in 1878. A parish inventory reported 18 pews, six windows and shades, two coal stoves, scuttle and shovel, three carpets for the sanctuary, vestry and aisle, holy water fountain, pot and sprinkler, collection box, organ and stool, four altar lanterns, chalice, two pair of candelabra, eight candlesticks, eight small vases, two wall pictures, three sets of vestments, one set of altar linens, the Gospel book and missal stand, chimes for the altar, communion cloth and veil, and a broom.

A larger church was needed, so in 1909 the original structure was sold and moved across the street, where it was remodeled for a boarding house. The present

Gothic limestone structure was completed in 1910, with parishioners furnishing the labor. A parish hall was constructed in 1955.

Mass Times


9:00 am


5:00 pm

Confession Times


4:30 pm

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