NFP Methods

There are many different methods of Natural Family Planning, each with its own unique approach and benefits. Women and couples should explore the approach of each method to determine which is the best fit for them at each stage of the reproductive journey.

The CrMS relies upon the standardized observation and charting of biological markers that are essential to a woman’s health and fertility. These ‘biomarkers” tell the couple when they are naturally fertile and infertile, allowing the couple to use the system either to achieve or to avoid pregnancy. These biomarkers also telegraph abnormalities in a woman’s health. The CrMS allows a woman to unravel the mysteries of the menstrual cycle. The CrMS is also the basis for the new women’s health science, NaProTECHNOLOGY (natural procreative technology). It is built on research, education and service (the “triangle of support” for the CrMS user) and is an integrated educational system designed to assure the highest quality service delivery possible for the FertilityCare™ Educator, Practitioner and the client couple.  Learn more by visiting

Your reproductive system is wonderfully complex, yet the signals it gives you can be quite simple, helping you identify the fertile and infertile times in your cycles. You may have noticed different types of discharge coming from the vagina throughout your menstrual cycle. The sensation that this discharge produces outside the vaginal opening also changes. This is because your cervix produces different types of mucus in response to changing hormone levels. Once you’re familiar with these changes you’ll be able to identify patterns of fertility and infertility in your cycle. Learn more by visiting

The Couple to Couple League provides Natural Family Planning (NFP) instruction that is both thorough and engaging. Our Mission is to inspire, educate and support couples in family planning that is natural, effective, healthy and consistent with God’s plan for life, love and marriage. Learn more by visiting

Family of the Americas Foundation (FAF) was founded in 1977 as a non-profit educational organization dedicated to promoting programs for the family as well as uplifting and strengthening women and families worldwide. Our organization focuses on research and practical application to couples worldwide. We have trained over 25,000 teachers in more than 100 countries since our founding in 1977.  Our challenge today is to continually renew and support this network and expand our efforts in starting new centers, around the world. Learn more by visiting

The Marquette Model brings 21st-century technology to NFP by using urine fertility biomarkers collected at home that measure hormone levels. These biomarkers can be used in conjunction with cervical mucus or basal body temperature and an algorithm to confidently determine the woman’s fertile window. Learn more by visiting

FEMM recognizes that ovulation is a sign of health, and empowers women to be agents in the management and care of their overall reproductive health and well-being. Informed women can identify health and cycle  irregularities, and have the tools they need to seek advanced care and support.  FEMM providers offer comprehensive physical and lab workups to diagnose and treat the root cause of health conditions, rather than simply managing symptoms. Learn more by visiting