Natural Family Planning

Natural Family Planning is ...

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Natural Family Planning Is:

  • An opportunity for couples to learn about their natural signs of fertility to plan or postpone pregnancy without using drugs or mechanical devices.
  • A way to help couples who have experienced infertility as well as couples who have normal fertility.
  • Effective at avoiding pregnancy throughout a woman’s reproductive life:  during regular or irregular cycles, coming off contraceptives, after childbirth, during breast-feeding and nearing menopause.
  • It is highly reliable. Studies have demonstrated a method effectiveness of 99% in avoiding pregnancy.  NFP is as effective as any drug on the market. NFP is not the calendar rhythm method, which was unable to account for cycle irregularity.
  • It is medically safe. There are no harmful side effects.  There are no drugs, devices or chemicals that alter normal reproductive systems.
  • It is morally acceptable in all major religions as a responsible means to postpone pregnancy and regulate family size.  NFP accepts fertility as a normal and healthy process that is a precious gift from God - a gift to be loved, respected, understood and wisely used.
  • It is easy to learnProfessionallytrained teachers provide instruction and materials, and they are available for follow-up visits to encourage client learning and confidence. 
  • It is less expensive than contraceptives.  The materials to get started typically cost less than a trip to the doctor, and the follow-up sessions are on a sliding fee scale.
  • It promotes intimacy. Ongoing communication and creative ways of showing affection become a part of married life.
  • It protects new life. There is nothing to hinder the development of a newly conceived life.
  • It is helpful to couples who experience infertility by identifying and treating many reproductive health problems.