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Best In-Depth News/Special Reporting – Diocesan News PaperFirst Place Suicide Prevention Awareness Month
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Best In-Depth News/Special Reporting – Diocesan News PaperSecond Place Cultivating Mental Health Awareness
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The Register is the official newspaper of the Salina Diocese. First published as The Northwest Kansas Register, the inaugural edition was published on Nov. 21, 1937. It was one of many Register newspapers established by Msgr. Matthew Smith in Denver. The “Register” newspapers contained several pages of local content, provided by a diocesan editor and diocesan contributors. It was delivered every Sunday, and an annual subscription cost of $1.
According to the Jan. 18, 1941, newspaper, it reached about 43,000 Catholics across the diocese. The distribution model varied over the years, vacillating between being mailed to all registered households within the diocese to a subscription-only model.
Prior to 2014, The Register was a weekly publication that was available via subscription. At the time, about one-third of registered households within the diocese subscribed to the newspaper. 

In 2014, The Register shifted from a subscription-only newspaper to one that is delivered to every registered Catholic household in the diocese. The newspaper transformed from mailing 5,500 newspapers every week to shipping out nearly 17,000 newspapers twice a month (the second and fourth Friday of the month). 

In 2020, The Register again shifted its publication schedule, moving to one paper per month, published on the fourth Friday of the month.

Editors of the Register

Msgr. Cornelius Brown1937-41
Father Bernard Jaster1941 – 1944
Msgr. Raymond Menard1944 -1971
Father Lawrence (Larry) Pierce1971 – 1975
Msgr. Raymond Menard1975 – 2006
Doug Weller2006 – 2016
Karen Bonar2016 – 2020
Katie GreenwoodPresent