From the Heart Podcast

The Catholic Diocese of Salina is excited to present- From the Heart Catholic Podcast! St. Augustine once said, “One loving heart sets another on fire.” We can’t wait to share stories and testimonies from our diocesan brothers and sisters that are straight from the heart. Thank you so much for listening!

Season 1

Episode 1-God’s Grace and Raising a Catholic Family
Episode 2-Am I Where God Wants me to be?
Episode 3-Seen & Known
Episode 4-Never a Doubt – Msgr. Hake’s Vocation Story
Episode 5-42 Years Later – Fr. Larry Letourneau’s Vocation Story
Episode 6-Sit down with the Superintendent – Geoff Andrews
Episode 7-Stories, Seminary & Soft Serve Ice Cream – Luke Friess
Episode 8-Finding Home in Catholicism – Tynan Dowell’s faith journey
Episode 9 – 2021 Bishop’s Annual Appeal-Cal to Share
Episode 10 -Patris Corde-With A Father’s Heart
Episode 11 -All About Youth Activities with Sr. Barb and Geoff Andrews
Episode 12 -The Crucial Importance of Attending Sunday Mass – Bishop Vincke’s Pastoral Letter

St. Joseph series

Episode 1 – The Two Josephs
Episode 2 – Litany of St. Joseph
Episode 3 – Son of David
Episode 4 – St. Andre Bessette’s Devotion
Episode 5 – Glory of Home Life
Episode 6 – Terror of Demons
Episode 7 – Lover of Poverty

Pray the Rosary with Bishop

Joyful Mysteries – Mondays & Saturdays
Luminous Mysteries – Thursdays
Glorious Mysteries – Sunday and Wednesday

Family Life Series

Rebecca & Parker Eaves-Price