Diocesan Synod


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ: 

We have just begun the opening of the Synod on Synodality for every diocese in the world. There are many questions and perhaps 
even confusion about the synod. This part of the synod is about listening-listening to the Holy Spirit and listening to others. Synod means  journeying together. It means taking the time to listen to another’s story. It means listening to people we normally don’t talk with. It means listening to people we might not agree with. It means listening to people who are marginalized. Why is this important? Because every human person is a member of our family.

The Synod is meant for everyone to participate. That includes you. How can you participate? By following a three-step process. 

  1. Please take the time to listen to another person’s story…perhaps someone you have been meaning to talk with but haven’t for one reason or another. Perhaps a neighbor, perhaps someone in Church whom you have seen but haven’t had a conversation with, perhaps someone who is struggling, someone that you may have different views on politics and the Church, someone who is poor.
  2. After listening to their story, ask them, “how has the Church journeyed with you? ” Is there anything you feel the Church can do to help you or do better?”
  3. Write a short summary of what you learned from that person. Then please send that summary to the chancery either via a letter or submitting it below. 

Each diocese is asked to collect  these “stories” and  then write a  report  on  the answers. This report will be sent to the Vatican and in the fall of 2023, there will be a synod of bishops to discuss synodality. Let us pray together so that the reflections and exchanges of this endeavor might help us rediscover the joy of being the People of God who journey together, listening to everyone. 

In Christ’s service, 

Bishop Gerald Vincke

Let us pray together so that the reflections and exchanges of this Assembly might help us rediscover the joy of being the People of God who journeys together, listening to everyone. 

We invite and encourage you to have conversations and share your story.