Value Them Both | Message from Bishop Vincke

Respect Life
Jul 22, 2022

Dear friends in Christ.

The season of summer is special. Leisure is a critical and even holy activity.  I pray you are able to step away from the busyness of daily life to rejuvenate your body and soul. But I would also like to suggest another important activity. I am inviting and imploring every adult in the Diocese of Salina to take part in our pilgrimage to the polls on August 2nd and vote yes for passage of the Value Them Both amendment for life.

A yes vote on value them both will reverse an extreme court ruling that has cleared the path for an unlimited and unrestricted abortion industry in Kansas. A yes vote is even more important now that the United States supreme court has overturned the infamous Roe versus Wade decision that legalized abortion. While we are grateful for this ruling—the decision by our U.S. supreme court does not end abortion in Kansas.  It simply returns the question to states where voices from the people of Kansas can be heard.   

Now it’s our turn.

Value Them Both is a Kansas decision that can only be determined by Kansans like you and me. Unless we vote yes and pass the Value Them Both amendment, virtually all of our pro-life laws will almost certainly fall. Teenage girl abortions without parental consent, late term abortions and even taxpayer-funded abortions will inevitably happen unless we pass Value Them Both. We cannot let this happen.

The vote takes place on August 2nd, with advance voting, either in person or by mail, beginning on July 14th.

I truly believe our yes votes here in the Diocese of Salina are going to be especially crucial. Bigger city voters may not be with us.  We must all pitch in and run up the score, so-to-speak, so the Diocese of Salina can offset the “no votes” from elsewhere. 

I can think of no more important issue facing us today as citizens of Kansas than a yes vote for the value them both amendment on August 2nd. Enjoy your summer and vote yes–because we value both women and babies.

Bishop Gerald Vincke