The Two Josephs – St. Joseph Series Ep. 1

From the Heart Catholic Podcast
Feb 23, 2021

Welcome back for another episode of “From the Heart”! Thank you so much for listening!

Pope Francis has proclaimed a “Year of Saint Joseph” from December 8, 2020 to December 8, 2021. To celebrate and help others learn more about St. Joseph, Bishop Vincke has created a new series of episodes that will focus on different aspects of St. Joseph’s life and example. -In today’s episode Bishop discusses “The Two Josephs”. Joseph of the Old Testament is the first Joseph. The Church refers to him as a type, or foreshadowing, of Christ. But many saints hold that the first Joseph is also a prefigurement for St. Joseph. This podcast will briefly touch on ten parallels between Joseph of the Old Testament and St. Joseph.

 Just like Bishop Vincke mentioned in the podcast, you can read more about these parallels written by Fr. Francis J. Peffley here. We pray that this series helps you grow in devotion to this great Saint throughout this year! St. Joseph, pray for us!