Kristi Anguiano Named KAIRS Distinguished Teacher for the Salina Diocese

Catholic Schools
Feb 11, 2022

By Chris Whitehair – Principal, St. Andrew’s

Mrs. Anguiano is a wonderful example of servant leadership.  She has taught in the Salina Diocese for over 30 years.  Her first years were at St. Xavier in Junction City, and she has taught at St. Andrew’s in Abilene for the past 21 years.  Mrs. Anguiano has served as a coach, mentor, teacher, and leader with care, integrity, passion and dedication.

The majority of Mrs. Anguiano’s time at St. Andrew’s has been as fifth grade teacher.  In this role, she has done a great job preparing students to move on to the middle school.  She has high expectations for her students and works to meet the needs of each child in her care.  She is often found helping students after school on her own time because of her care and concern for each of her students. 

Mrs. Anguiano has also been instrumental in the success of St. Andrew’s After School and Summer School programs.  She gives her time and talents generously to help plan and implement these programs so students can enjoy these fun and educational supplemental programs. 

Mrs. Anguiano takes a keen interest in helping ALL students.  Each year she enjoys having one of the kindergartners as her mass partner.  It isn’t unusual for her to take on one of the higher-need students.  She finds joy in teaching them about God’s love and care for them while also teaching about the holy mass.  

Mrs. Anguiano has a strong faith, and she willingly shares this faith with others.  She has served on the RCIA team at St. Andrew’s for many years, bringing numerous people into our church family.  She serves as a lector and eucharistic minister in our church as well, and is seen at many parish and school functions, always willing to help when needed. 

Mrs. Anguiano also shares her time and talents within our community.  She was a Boy Scout leader for many years, helping youth of our community grow into strong citizens.  She has also served as a youth coach, passing on her love of sports to our younger generation. She has always been very involved in youth activities within our parish and community, always striving to help the younger generation grow into productive Christian citizens. Mrs. Anguiano goes far above and beyond her basic teaching duties. She truly lives her life to serve God by helping and serving others through the many “extras” she helps with at St. Andrew’s.  If there is a need, Mrs. Anguiano is there to help.  Many things that others don’t even think about, Mrs. Anguiano quietly takes care of with no expectation of recognition.