Holy Saturday Reflection | Jesse Ochs

Apr 16, 2022


This day is so mysterious, as Jesus has died and all are silent, not understanding that their Redeemer will soon rise from the dead and forever change the world. The holy souls from before Jesus came as a man rejoice this day, for they are freed at last. Jesus does something unthinkable: He allows Himself to die on a cross and then descends to the realm of the dead. What kind of God would do such a thing? What kind of God would willingly die and suffer so much to save His people? Our God did this. Let us praise Him for coming to save all of us and enter into the mystery of Holy Saturday. Let us both feel the silent joy and anticipation of Jesus rising from the dead on Easter Sunday and imagine the sorrow and distress His disciples must have felt at losing their Savior and friend, not understanding that He would return to them in glory. Let us pray in gratitude for all of His blessings, especially when He allows us to suffer and we do not understand His greater plan for each of us. 

Jesse is currently attending St. John Vianney Seminary and will be Theology I. His home parish is Sacred Heart in Park.