God’s Grace and Raising a Catholic Family

Bishop's Office, From the Heart Catholic Podcast
Sep 28, 2020

Welcome to “From the Heart,” the Diocese of Salina’s new podcast! St. Augustine once said, “One loving heart sets another on fire.” We can’t wait to share stories and testimonies from our diocesan brothers and sisters that are straight from the heart. Thank you so much for listening!

“How precious is the family, as the privileged place for transmitting the faith!” – Pope Francis 

In today’s episode Bishop Jerry Vincke interviews Kristi and Scott Bergkamp, who share their faith journey that began as a couple with different religious backgrounds. Kristi grew up a Baptist and Scott a Catholic, but after many years of raising their children in the Catholic faith, Kristi began to fall in love with the Catholic Church. 

Listen to the full episode to hear about Kristi’s conversion to the Catholic faith.