faith Magazine: Discovering the beauty of the Mass | Audio Version

From the Heart Catholic Podcast
Feb 7, 2022

We are so excited to begin our new audio version of faith magazine.

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Chapter One: A letter from bishop, written and read by Bishop Vincke
Chapter Two: Discovering the beauty of the Mass, written by Katie Greenwood and read by Fr. Brian McCaffrey, Matea Gregg, Fr. Keith Weber & Tyler Greenman

Chapter Three: What is the veil was removed, written and read by Katie Greenwood
Chapter Four: Gathered around your altar, written by Fr. Frank Coady and read by Geoff Andrews

Chapter Five: A heart of simplicity, written by Jody Weis and read by Heather Hartman
Chapter Six: The angelic doctor of the Church gave us hymns for praising God with the angels, written by Sue Parker &
read by Tyler Greenman
Chapter Seven: Dear readers/listeners of faith, written and read by Katie Greenwood