Bishop Vincke named temporary Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Dodge City.

Bishop's Office, Press Releases
Feb 8, 2021

The Diocese of Dodge City announced on February 8th that Bishop John Brungardt has been accused of sexual abuse of a minor. The Kansas Bureau of Investigation is conducting the investigation. Bishop Brungardt denies the allegation.

Bishop Brungardt has willingly asked to be placed on a leave of absence during the investigation. The Congregation for Bishops has appointed Most Reverend Gerald L. Vincke the temporary Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Dodge City, effective immediately. Bishop Vincke remains as the Bishop of Salina in addition to his role as Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Dodge City.

Chancery officials answered the following questions about Bishop Brungardt’s absence.

Q. What kind of authority does an apostolic administrator have?

A. An apostolic administrator is equivalent in canon law to the diocesan bishop and has, essentially, the same authority as a diocesan bishop.

Q. How long will Bishop Brungardt be on leave?

A. The length of leave will be determined by the results of the investigation, along with the decision of the Holy Father.

Q. Is the see of the Diocese of Dodge City currently vacant?

A. Pope Francis has appointed Bishop Vincke apostolic administrator sede plena, meaning that the see is still full. Bishop Brungardt remains the Bishop of Dodge City.

Q. How do I reach Bishop Vincke with any questions or concerns?

A. To contact Bishop Vincke regarding matters related to the Diocese of Dodge City, please send correspondence through U.S. Mail:

Bishop Jerry Vincke

Apostolic Administrator of Diocese of Dodge City

103 N. Ninth

Salina, KS 67401

For daily administrative inquiries, please contact Rev. Ted Stoecklein, vicar general, or Sr. Janice Grochowsky, chancellor. For matters related to the Diocese of Dodge City, please send to the Chancery of the Diocese of Dodge City.

Any allegation of the abuse of a minor may be reported to the Kansas Protection Report Center 800.922.5330  KBI Crime Hotline 800.572.7463 or The Diocese of Salina fully participates in all criminal investigations related to abuse perpetrated by a member of the clergy or other church official.

For the safety of children and healing of those who have suffered abuse, the Diocese of Salina provides:

Hotline: 866.752.8855 #1067



Reports will be responded to promptly by the Victim Assistance Coordinator.

To report an incident of sexual abuse and related misconduct by a Bishop or Religious Superior currently or in the past, the Catholic Bishop Abuse Reporting Services provides:

Hotline: 800.276.1562


All reports are confidential with the exception of those involving the abuse of minors which will be immediately reported by the diocese to the proper authorities, as required by Kansas State Law and Diocesan Policy.

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