Submitting Your News

Parishes are invited and encouraged to send news about activities and events for publication in The Register. Here are some guidelines.

• The deadline for each Friday's issue is 9 a.m. the previous Friday. Every effort will be made to include timely news in the next issue, but some submissions might need to be held until the following issue because of space constraints.

• Include all of the information you think is pertinent, but understand that because of space constraints, we might not be able to use all of it.

• Identify the people in your pictures. If they are in a formal pose, please list them by row and from left to right.

• Turn off the time and date stamp on your camera.

• Make sure we have your name and contact information in case we have questions.

To submit news by e-mail:

Simply send your information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The text may be typed in the body of the e-mail message or sent as a Word attachment.

Photos should be attached to e-mails as jpegs and not embedded in Word documents. We need relatively large images for the best reproduction. Photos should be at least 5x7 inches in dimension and 200 dpi, or about 1400 pixels by 1000 pixels. Check to see that your e-mail program is allowing you to send the largest image possible; most automatically downsize pictures so they send faster, so make sure you check your program's preferences. We cannot use blurred or out-of-focus pictures.

To submit news by mail:

Send your information, preferably typewritten, to The Register, P.O. Box 1038, Salina, KS 67402. Photos should be high quality prints and not ones printed from your computer onto plain paper. Please identify the people in your pictures.

Photos will not be returned unless accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Baptisms, Weddings, Anniversaries and Obituaries

These are published weekly. Follow the guidelines above for submitting news.

Baptisms of infants: Send the child's name, gender, parents' names, date of baptism, priest's or deacon's name, name and location of church, and names of godparents.

Weddings: Send couple's names, date of marriage, name and location of church, priest's or deacon's name, names of couple's parents and names of witnesses.

Anniversaries: Send couple's names, wife's maiden name, date and place of marriage, date and place of celebration (optional) and current church membership. Announcement may also include names of children and their spouses and the number of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. A photo may be submitted as well.

Obituaries: Deceased's name, age, city of residence, date of death, names of immediate survivors and their cities of residence. Information about the Catholic funeral rite should include the date and location, name(s) of priest(s) celebrating the Mass and site of burial.