The Register

November 23, 2018

    In this issue.

  • Seven Dolors Church rededicated.
  • Bishop Vincke begins Masses of Healing.
  • Adoption celebration Mass scheduled No. 30 in Salina

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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
For many parishioners, The Register is their primary source for news and events that affect our Church and the lives of Catholics in our diocese and around the world. It helps unite and inform us as members of our Catholic family, and is a valuable tool for the evangelization of the parishioners within our Diocese.
Five years ago, The Register was changed to a semi-monthly publication and began mailing to the nearly 18,000 Catholic households of registered parishioners. Instead of requiring subscriptions, we asked for donations to help support this initiative. Your generosity has been incredible. Many of you gave donations that were beyond what we had requested. Thank you for extending your kindness to all readers of The Register.
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At this time, I would also like to take the opportunity to thank all those who contribute articles and photographs of events around 
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Most Reverend Gerald L. Vincke
Bishop of Salina