All  clergy,  adult employees, and  adult volunteers (ministering with children) of the Diocese of Salina must do the REQUIRED TRAINING CURRICULUM called Safe Environment Curriculum-Salina (this includes short videos, questions , Code of Conduct, Policy Acknowledgement and a Background Check). 

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  CMGConnect RENEWAL instructions can be found under DOCUMENTS.

“Then I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will lead you with knowledge and understanding.”

~ Jeremiah 3:15

Child Protection Resources

In order to assist the members of our diocese more effectively, we have placed several documents online that explain the goals and desires of the Diocese of Salina in matters of child and youth protection. Also, here is a direct link to the Office of Child and Youth Protection at the USCCB: Please contact the Safety and Security office with any questions that you may have.

Safety & Security

In their pastoral letter, Walk in the Light:  A Pastoral Response to Child Sexual Abuse, the US Bishops stated,

"People tend to think that certain authority figures - such as parents, stepparents, teachers and clergy - are above reproach:  that 'pillars of the community' could not abuse children.  Abusive behavior often hides behind the masks of love and trust.  While the true incidence of child sexual abuse remains unknown, it is nonetheless significant.  We state firmly and clearly that any act of child sexual abuse is morally evil.  It is never justified."

As a community of faith, we believe that the prevention of child sexual abuse begins with each person. Increased awareness and a willingness to take action are steps for every person to take to eradicate abuse in our society, in the community, in the neighborhood, and in the family.

 For the safety and the healing of children, the Diocese of Salina provides an Abuse of Minors Pastoral Response Hotline   785-825-0865, along with an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Calls to this number/email  will be answered by the Diocesan Assistance Coordinator.  All calls/emails are confidential with the following exception:  Any allegation of child abuse concerning those who currently are minors, must be reported to the Kansas Protection Report Center (1-800-922-5330) as required by Kansas State Law and Diocesan Policy.

A Summary of the Diocesan Safe Environment Program

A Training Program on the Prevention of Child Abuse

All those who minister to children or young people are to be educated about the nature of child sexual abuse, how it is perpetrated, how to report it, and strategies for prevention.  The Diocese of Salina has implemented a training program by the name of “CMGConnect”.  CMGConnect is a national program, widely in use in dioceses throughout the United States. It is a web-based on-line training program that specializes in helping churches and religious organizations create safe environments for children and youth.  The program is mandatory for all adults [employees or volunteers] who interact on a regular basis with children in the Salina Diocese. Youth in grades 9-12 who work with other minors on a regular basis will do their own training through CMG connect, which covers safe and appropriate ways to interact with others.  Youth in grades 6-8  who interact on a regular basis with children will read and sign a code of conduct, with their parents, which outlines their promise to demonstrate good moral character as to serve as Catholic Christian role models.   

This replaces the former Safe Environment Program (VIRTUS )offered through our Diocese. Individuals  will still be able to  complete their Safe Environment clearance in the privacy of their homes and at their leisure. 

Criminal Background Check

Every adult who regularly ministers to children or young people in the Church must have a criminal background check conducted by the Diocese.  The Diocese employs a private national company to conduct the background checks. This background check company re-screens all church personnel and /or volunteers quarterly through Search America, the largest criminal data base in the United States, as part of their ongoing commitment to the Catholic Church. The background check  is a fully integrated process within the CMGConnect training Platform.

Safety Curriculum for Students in Parish Religious Education Programs and Catholic Schools

All dioceses in the United States must incorporate into their teaching curricula a safety program which assists young people to avoid people, places and circumstances that are potentially abusive and harmful.  The Diocese of Salina recommends the employment of Child Lures Prevention, Happy Bear or a program of equivalent subject matter. These nationally recognized programs focus on various ways children are lured into harmful situations and how they can be avoided.  This training program is for students in both primary and secondary grades.  

Please contact Wendy Backes at the Safety and Security Office or Jennifer Mitchell at Child Lures Prevention (800)552-2197

Lay Review Board Membership

  • Sherrie Kelly (Chairperson), Retired school counselor for Sacred Heart Jr/Sr. High School
  • Nancy Main, Retired social worker/child advocate
  • Dr. George Jerkovich, Psychiatrist at Salina Regional Medical Center
  • Monica Woolsoncroft, Physician Assistant at a Salina Clinic
  • Guy Steier, District Magistrate Judge
  • Mike Marshall, Retired detective with the Salina Police Department
  • Melissa Short-Eshleman, Semi-retired officer from the Salina Police Department
  • Maria Cheney, LSCSW, Counselor at Veridian Mental Health/Salina
  • Dcn. Steve Frueh, Diocesan Assistance Coordinator
  • Corey Lyon (Moderator), Vice-Chancellor of the Diocese of Salina and Canon Lawyer, ex-officio member
  • Rev. Bill Surmeier, Certified Counselor/Retired Priest, ex-officio member
  • Rev. Keith Weber, Diocesan Finance Officer, Pastor of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish, Salina - ex-officio member
  • Rev. Msgr. James Hake, Defender of the Bond of the Marriage Tribunal and canon lawyer, ex-officio member
  • Very Rev. Kerry Ninemire, Pastor of Seven Dolors Parish, Manhattan - ex-officio member

 The Lay Review Board meets on a quarterly basis.  At these meetings, the board regularly discusses improvements that could be made to the diocesan safe environment program, updating policy and procedure and other important and sensitive issues are discussed on an as needed basis.

"Let us pray for all victims of sexual violence in conflict, and those working to end this crime.


Pope Francis