POSITION: Executive Assistant to the Chancellor, Office of Vocations, Youth and Liturgy Office, and the Office of Media Library.

Catholic Diocese of Salina
Job Description

POSITION: Executive Assistant to the Chancellor, Office of Vocations, Youth and
Liturgy Office, and the Office of Media Library.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Reports to Bishop, Chancellor, Office of Vocations, Youth Ministry Office, Religious Education Office and Liturgy Office, and the Office of Media Library.

HOURS: Full-time

This position requires the ability to multi-task with a variety of job duties, managing deadlines, prioritizing projects and requests of multiple offices listed above. A high level of integrity and discretion in handling confidential and sensitive information is essential. Willingness to adapt to a changing work environment, as well as shifting job priorities.

Essential Job Functions

Chancellor’s Office:
1) Working with Microsoft Office Publisher to create brochures, manuals, handbooks, etc. to be handed out at various events
2) Develop and maintain working files
3) Draft corporate documents for parishes to be sent to pastors, principals, etc.
4) Take detailed minutes for the Lay Review Board meetings
5) Official Catholic Directory (OCD)
a. An e-mail is sent out from the Official Catholic Directory Office to the parishes requesting them to go online to the OCD website and update the information concerning their parish/es
b. After this is completed, the EA will go onto this website and check all the records that came in. A report is then made by the EA from this information and e-mailed back to the OCD office.
6) The USCCB requires an annual report similar to the OCD report. Those totals are taken from the Annual Report that comes into the Finance Office.
7) Once a year in July update the Corporation Papers for each parish (minutes).
8) Sends out ballots for the various positions of elections for committees when election is being done through the body of priests.
9) Keep track of Baptismal Records sent in from the parishes. Filing them correctly and sends out letters annually to remind parishes to send them in.
10) Assist and coordinate with outside legal counsel ensuring all international priests and sisters are up to date on all immigration documentation.
11) Contact parishes/schools when the chancellor is going to perform a Human Resource Audit. The EA’s responsibilities include preparing an audit package which includes: 1) audit sheet for parish/school, 2) listing of what audit will cover, 3) Form I-9 employee verification with instructions, 4) Parish Employee Handbook and Wage and Hour Compliance Manual. The EA will send letters to the parish/school containing a list of items that need to be addressed. The EA will follow up one month later to see if items have been addressed and then report findings to the chancellor.
12) Complete Purchase Requisition Forms for expenses of Chancellor’s Office.
13) Maintain and update all handbooks, letters and other documents produced by Chancellor’s Office.

Vocation Office:
1) Maintain up to date information in the files of current and past seminarians.
2) Take minutes at the Vocation Board Meetings
3) Assist in preparing Annual Christmas Dinner for Seminarians and their parents.
4) Assist Vocation Directors and Vocation Assistant with correspondence to seminarians and their parents.
Youth Ministry/Religious Education Office and Liturgy Office:
1) Check all forms and Religious Education and Youth Minister Surveys for Safety and Security information. Coordinate with all adult and young adult volunteers for any event sponsored by Youth Office to make sure all requirements are fulfilled concerning Safety and Security issues.
2) Review all forms for any youth office event to make sure they are properly filled in. Any form not properly filled in will be returned to the person who sent it in with a note addressing the areas that still need to be completed correctly.
3) Receive and record all Registration Fees received for any Youth Ministry/Religious Education Office events and Liturgy Office events. Complete and mail any invoices that need to be sent for all Youth Ministry/Religious Education Office and Liturgy Office. Maintain spreadsheet of amount owed by parishes/schools/individuals.
4) Set up and maintain Data Base and e-mail list for all groups attending Youth Ministry/Religious Education Office and Liturgy Office events. This database will be used to print letters, envelopes, labels, table markers, lists of attendees, CYO Membership Cards, name tags, etc.
5) Update, print and mail all Youth Ministry/Religious Education fall Newsletter packets, Religious Education Surveys, Youth Ministry Surveys, CYO Affiliation Registration, packets for Diocese Convention, Jr. CYO Camp, National Catholic Youth Conference. Print copies of handouts for meetings and trainings.
6) Type any letters of correspondence and e-mails to organizers and/or participants for all Youth Ministry/Religious Education Office events and Liturgy Office events.
7) Maintain records and mail information, booklets, pins, certificates for all Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops associated with the diocese.
8) Complete Purchase Requisition Forms for Youth Ministry/Religious Education Office and Liturgy Office.
9) For Rite of Election, update and mail invitation letters in English and Spanish to Candidates and Catechumens for the two Sundays of celebration. Compile lists for Salina and Hays locations for Director of Liturgy and The Register. Also print signs for each parish attending these events. Help coordinate the receptions after these events.
10) Record information concerning all commissioned Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. Send appropriate correspondence needed to update files of all those commissioned.
11) Process payments for Annual Copyright License and Podcast/Streaming License; and for one time event license. Report to Copyright Licensing Companies usage of lyrics, songs or both from event booklets. Renew Copyright Licenses yearly.
12) Maintain textbook resources available for parishes and schools. Assist with inquires and mailings of materials
13) For all special events sponsored by Youth Ministry/Religious Education Office and/or Liturgy Office, arrange meeting locations, equipment, plaques, food. Help coordinate all volunteers for these events.
Office of Media Library:
1) Maintain and publish on diocesan website an up to date list of all media resources available to parishes/individuals/schools.
2) Record who receives and returns all media resources.
3) Maintain and update all printed materials describing and/or listing media resources.
4) Order new audio/visuals and process into the current system.
5) Coordinate with Hispanic Ministry Director all media resources available in Spanish.
6) Keep all media resource materials organized and labeled correctly.
7) Assist with creation and printing of quarterly religious education newsletter.

• For Youth Ministry/Religious Education Office, Liturgy Office, Vocation Office and Office of Media, handle all incoming phone calls, direct phone calls to appropriate department, and assist individuals with information and referrals.
• Weigh and meter all outgoing mail for respective departments and take to the Post Office.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Must have strong proficiency in Microsoft Word, Word Perfect, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Publisher, excellent writing, typing, telephone, and e-mail skills, as well as an ability to learn and use various software.

Skills and Requirements for the successful candidate:
Must have great attention to details and organizational skills. Also must be able to maintain a high level of confidentiality while still working well with people.
Education and Experience:
1) A thorough understanding and appreciation of the teachings and doctrines of the Catholic Church, as well as the ecclesiastical structure of the Catholic Church.
2) Must be a practicing Catholic.
3) Prefer candidate to have a bachelor’s degree and/or paralegal experience.
4) Must have a strong skill set, knowledge and experience of computers.

Please send cover letter and resume to Fr. Keith Weber, P.O. Box 980, Salina, KS 67401 or e-mail information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.