Catholic Conversations Drive

(formerly the Publications Drive)

“Please listen to me – you are not paying attention. I am talking to you about the Holy Scriptures, and you are looking at the lamps and the people lighting them. It is very frivolous to be more interested in what the lamplighters are doing… After all, I am lighting a lamp too – the lamp of God’s Word.”

St. John Chrysostom

Words can move us to action, reduce us to tears, stun us into silence, incite us to laughter and bring us to quietly ponder. Words are more powerful than we realize. Words can light the lamp of God’s Word.

The Communications Office seeks to evangelize the hearts of the faithful. And our audience is varied. We speak to the hearts of steadfast Catholics, the hearts of the lukewarm and the hearts of the ignorant through our print and online resources. And by our words, our hope is that we are inspiring life-changing Catholic conversations in every corner of our diocese.

Would you consider making a gift to the Catholic Conversations Drive (formerly called the Publications Drive)? Your gift would help offset the cost to produce, print and mail our publications, as well as support our online communication efforts.

By your generosity and kindness, we can remain committed to our mission to be disciples who make disciples through the power of the written word. Help us to light the lamp of God’s Word and inspire Catholic conversations across our diocese.