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E-news: August 16, 2019

Men’s Conference: Thank you to all the priests who were able to hear confessions for the hundreds of men who attended the Men’s Conference.  The Runnin’ Revs game was a big hit as seminarian Jesse Ochs hit a last second three point shot to give the seminarians the win.

Intercessions:  I recently had a conversation with someone who wondered why the Sunday intercessions did not include El Paso, Dayton, or other major events. I told this person that sometimes the intercessions are written well in advance of Sunday.  But perhaps all of us can try to put these major events in our petitions. 

Rural Life:  This afternoon, I will be driving to Colby so I can attend the Rural Life Day tomorrow.  They have some great speakers lined up.  One of the talks is on dealing on mental health in rural Kansas.  I talk to a lot of farmers.  For some, the weather has been great.  For others, the rain and hail has really wreaked havoc on their crops.

Storms:  Speaking of the weather, I was in Hays on Wednesday.  As you know, Ellis County had a major storm on Tuesday evening with 70 mph winds that caused some damage here and there.  Some of the pictures taken of the sky that evening looked a little like Armageddon.      

Missionaries:  This past week, I visited with the FOCUS Missionaries from both Kansas State University and Fort Hays State University.  Needless to say, I was quite impressed with all of them.  We are very blessed to have them serve in our diocese.  I admire their faith, joy, and their desire to spend this year on our college campuses bringing others to Jesus.  By the way, one of the FOCUS Missionaries was out and about in Hays on Tuesday evening when the storm hit.  He wondered if “this was it” for him.  

Jesu Caritas:  This coming Tuesday and Wednesday, I will be hosting the three other bishops from Kansas and Abbot Albers from Benedictine College for our quarterly meeting.  I look forward to spending time with them. 

Prison:  This coming Thursday, I will be with Fr. Joshua Werth to celebrate the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation at the prison in Ellsworth.  The amount of men coming to the Catholic faith there is quite remarkable.  I attribute this to Fr. Joshua’s weekly presence as well as Chuck Huslig and others leading Bible studies on a regular basis. 

What to do:  A few weekends ago, I celebrated Mass in Collyer and Wakeeney.  A few of the parishioners mentioned to me St. Anthony’s Church in St. Peter’s.  Since I was in the area this past week, Fr. Charlie and I drove out to check out this Church which closed in 1999.  We drove on about 15 miles of dirt road to get there.  When we drove into this very small town, maybe 10 - 15 houses total, all the street signs were named after a saint.  The Church has some damage from roof leaks.  But the inside, although dusty, has some very beautiful stained glass windows, reredos, and other statues.   Everything is in place since they last celebrated Mass, including all the vestments and liturgical cloths.  A decision needs to be made on what to do with everything in the Church.  

Weekend:  After attending the Rural Life Day on Saturday, I will be heading to Clyde and Clifton for healing Masses on Sunday.  Looking forward to being with Fr. Steve and the people there.  Blessings on your weekend. 


“There are those who seek knowledge for the sake of knowledge; that is curiosity. There are those who seek knowledge to be known by others; that is vanity. There are those who seek knowledge in order to serve; that is Love.” – St. Bernard Clairvaux (Feast day: August 20)