Family Spirituality

Family Spirituality is the spiritual dimension of everything that the family does.  It's most important ingredient is the love flowing between family members.  Where genuine love is, we find God because God is love.  Family Spirituality is thought of as family life itself -  doing and caring for each other.


Lord Jesus Christ, be with us as a family so that we may always have a great love for your Sacred Heart.  Make us gentle, courteous and loving in our dealings with each other.  Take from us all misunderstanding so that no angry or bitter word may ever cross our lips, and grant that we may always treat each other as You treated those with whom You shared your human family.

Some days, being a Christian is easy and some days...not so much.
Some days, we feel full of gratitude for the gift of our faith and some days
it's easier to hide our Christianity from people who are pessimistic and mocking.
But our faith in Christ is truly a gift and
one that can help us rise above the noise of the world.
Here is a brief meditation to help you today
or any day you need some special encouragement:

When Jesus is present in us, all goes well and nothing seems difficult.
When Jesus is absent, everything is hard.
When Jesus does not speak to our hearts, every consolation is worthless,
but if Jesus speaks only one word, we feel a great joy!
How hard and arid are you without Jesus!
How foolish and vain you are to desire anything outside of Jesus!
What can the world give you without Jesus?
To be without Jesus is an unbearable hell.
And to be with Jesus is a sweet paradise!
If Jesus is with you, no one can harm you.
Who finds Jesus finds a precious treasure
in fact, he finds a good greater than all goods
and he who loses Jesus loses a very great thing and
loses more than if he had lost the whole world.

 - St. Thomas Aquinas



For Single-Parent Families

Blessed are you, Mother/Father God!  Bless the moms or dads who are raising a family alone, one person doing the work of two.  Wipe away tears of frustration over too much to do and not enough time.  Lighten the worries of childcare, daycare, and after school care which come with loving and caring for children alone.  Help parent and child alike to see the gift each is for the other.  Bless them with hugs and laughter today.

For Blended Families

Blessed are you, God of creation!  It is difficult to parent two batches of kids and love them into one family.  Look on blended families, Lord.  Give them courage to build new relationships, the willingness to adjust to one another's habits and likes and dislikes, and an ability to laugh over the small things.  Bless all the grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins who are coming on board as family.  Bless this widening embrace of family with patience, joy and love. 

Adoptive Families

Blessed are you, God of the universe!  Bless adoptive families.  Bless parents who have reached out beyond themselves to offer the gift of life.  Bless the children who have beeen claimed by love and made new members of caring families.  Increase in adoptive parents and children alike a loving honesty, a sense of safety and a deep appreciation of the divine love which has brought them together.

Extended Families

Blessed are you, God of all ages!  God bless the grandparents (and others) who are helping to raise a second generation of children.  As they sail back into part-or-full-time parenting, renew their energies and give them confidence in the wisdom of their years and experience.  Bless the children with acceptance and joy in the presence of loving elders.  Pour out your blessing on these multigenerational families and deepen their love.

For Singles

Blessed are you, God, holy and one!  Some persons go through life single, by choice and in joy.  Yet they too know themselves to be members of your family.  Fill them with thanksgiving for the times they share with friends and co-workers, with delight in the growing children who cross their paths, with the recognition that their very singleness may open their eyes to persons in the family of God whom others cannot see.  Empower single persons in new and creative ways to contribute to the human family, and to dwell in your love with rejoicing.

For Those Who Create a Family For Others

Blessed are you, God of mercy and compassion!  Bless those who reach beyond the boundaries of immediate family to nurture others in hospitals, daycare centers, hospices and crisis nurseries.  Bless those who care for people with cancer, AIDS and other life-threatening and crippling sicknesses, who care for abused children or battered women and men, who extend themselves to the unemployed and homeless.  Bless all those who recognize brother, sisterm parent or child in the faces of the lonely, the oppressed and the suffering.  Bless all those who serve our human family with mercy and compassion.

For Those Alienated From Family

Blessed are you forgiving, reconciling God!  Bless those who experience rejection or misunderstanding in their family settings.  Protect and guide young people who seek the love and respect of family through gang membership.  Console the elderly or infirm who are unable to make overtures toward family or community for themselves.  Enlighten those who are alienated from family, those for whom the words "I'm sorry" or "I forgive you" might rebuild a bridge to relationship.  Comfort the forgotten, the neglected, the abused, and those who have run away or feel they must hide from family.  Embrace all persons, wherever they are, who yearn for the warmth of a hug, an affirming smile, a forgiving word or simply a place to belong.

Foster Families

Blessed are you, God of all people and nations!  Lord, bless with special understanding the children and adults whom you have joined as foster families.  Bless their time together, however short or long, with trust, growth, loving and learning.  Bless the laughter and the tears.  Heal the hurts.  Bless the time these families spend together with joyful moments and life-long memories.

For All Families

Blessed are you, Lord God of heaven and earth!  You show forth your love in the love of families.  You fill us with awe in the wondrous birth and growth of children, in the patience, joy and loving concern of parents.  Bless members of our families here present, and those far away, those living and deceased.  Open our eyes to see family in its many images.  Open our mouths to profess that we are all one family in God.  Open our hearts to love all persons as brother, sister, parent, child.  Open our arms to embrace, for it is in embracing the family of God that we are most truly embraced and blessed ourselves.