Catholic Formation

Religious Education

Religious Education

The religious education office facilitates information, training, retreats, support and fellowship, especially for those who teach in or administer parish religious education/PRE programs.

The office of religious education would like to encourage all Catechists to become certified through the diocese. Certification has one purpose and that is to promote the highest training and formation of teachers and catechists who teach religion in our classrooms at all levels of education.

This purpose can best be realized in a twofold manner. First, by giving recognition and support to teachers and catechists who have made a continuing effort over the years to be well informed and renewed in their faith, as they engage in the teaching ministry. Second, by challenging catechists to further their education, formation and higher levels of competency through the establishment of certain standards and criteria.

Whether one is an experienced teacher and catechist of several years or a beginning teacher, certification promotes growth and development and provides a structure for the recognition of such.

Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry

The Office of Youth Ministry assists the Christian community in ministering to, with, by and for youth. Its goals are: fostering the total personal and spiritual growth of youth and young adults; and drawing youth and young adults toward responsible participation in the life, mission and work of the faith community. The office provides resources, retreats, rallies, conferences, camp, training and in-services.

A/V Library

A/V Library Information

The Diocesan Office of Education wishes to promote a greater freedom to catechists and other school personnel to use the media library.

To further this aim, we no longer charge a fee to use our materials. AVs are normally checked out for a period of one week but can be reserved for a longer period for films in a series or if arrangements are made with the librarian.