2016 Catholic Community Annual Appeal

This year’s Catholic Community Annual Appeal focuses on Pope Francis’ Year of Mercy.

The 2016 appeal, “Open the Door to Mercy,” has set a goal of $1 million to help support the work and ministries of the Diocese of Salina.

Gifts to this year’s appeal will “open the door” to numerous ministries, noted Syndi Larez, director of stewardship and development for the diocese.

The CCAA supports the health care and retirement for the diocesan priests who have spent their lives bringing the sacraments to parishioners. The appeal also supports the education of the 13 men currently in formation for the priesthood.

In addition, the annual drive helps fund the education of young people through Catholic schools and religious education programs and assists with the operation of diocesan departments where many of these ministries originate.

In a letter to parishioners, Bishop Edward Weisenburger stressed the importance of the annual appeal.

“Each of us must look beyond our own family, parish or immediate community to the needs and good of our entire diocesan community,” he wrote. “By supporting the Church’s ministries and services, we help others find their way to the Church we call our home. Our participation is a concrete way that we live our faith and nurture our holy unity with Christ and our neighbor.”

A message from Bishop Weisenburger was played at the Feb. 6 and 7 Masses, and parishioners will receive a packet in the mail this week that includes a letter and a brochure that explains the ministries the appeal supports.

Listen to the Bishop's message in English:

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Listen to the Bishop's message in Spanish:

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Individuals are asked to consider a gift to the appeal and can choose a one-time donation or monthly contributions from March through December.

pdf Click this link to download an informational brochure. (516 KB)

Larez said she is grateful for the response that has been received in previous appeals but is hopeful that this year more people will give a gift to the appeal. Currently participation is about one-fourth of registered Catholic families, and she said she hopes that once people understand the good works that are funded with this appeal that more people will donate.

“This in an opportunity for individuals to partner with Bishop Weisenburger and to make a difference in other’s lives through the annual appeal,” she said.

Every parishioner benefits in some way from ministries supported by the CCAA, Larez stressed.

“This covers so many ministries that are so necessary to the vibrancy of our diocese,” she said.

For more information, contact Larez at (785) 827-8746 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .